Message from President

Hanna Project Co.,Ltd.
•	CEO of Hanna Project. Kazue Ito

About us

We "Hanna Project" offers mainly running our cooking school "Intertiara Cooking Salon". We would like people round the world to enjoy life by cooking and eating. At our cooking salon, we offer how to cook Japanese home-style meals with seasonal ingredients and food culture in general.

Hanna Project Co.,Ltd.

CEO:Kazue Ito

Company Profile

Company Name Hanna Project Co.,Ltd.
CEO Kazue Ito
Location 1-3-22 Viare Albergo10F, Higashi-sakura, Higashi-ward, Nagoya 461-0005 JAPAN
TEL. 052-253-6340 (9:00-18:00, Closed on Sundays)
FAX. 052-253-6344

Intertiara Cooking Salon

photo_sample_2recipes that you can learn
photo_sample_3Hands-on cooking class
photo_sample_4Hands-on cooking class
photo_sample_5Hands-on cooking class
photo_sample_6recipes that you can learn

Access map


  • Nagoya Station → Sakura-dori Line → Hisaya-odori Station
  • Nagoya Station → Higashiyama Line → Sakae Station → Meijo Line → Hisaya-odori
  • Nagoya Station → Higashiyama Line → Sakae Station (8 min walk from Sakae Station)

Taxi from Nagoya Station (10 min)