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訪日外国人・在日外国人向け 料理レッスン開催!~市場見学や寿司の握り方・パーティースタイルでお食事~|伊藤華づ枝の料理教室|ハンナプロジェクト
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訪日外国人・在日外国人向け 料理レッスン開催!~市場見学や寿司の握り方・パーティースタイルでお食事~

<日本在住の外国人 または 訪日外国人に料理を教えます>(日本人も参加可能)





8:30~ 名古屋駅前の食品市場(柳橋中央市場)で新鮮食材を見て買い物

10:00~ 料理教室で寿司を握るレッスン(誰でも握れる方法をお教えします)

11:30~ 参加者全員でホームパーティーを楽しみます(12:30終了予定)






★会費 1名15,000円(税込)・2名様より承ります(レッスン費・材料費・レシピ代・市場からの移動費を含む)

★所要時間 約4時間半








★会費 1名10,000円(税込)・2名様より承ります(引率費用・食事代を含む)

★所要時間 約3時間







★会費 1名12,000円(税込)・2名様より承ります(レッスン費・材料費・レシピ代・食事代を含む)

★所要時間 約2時間半








名古屋市東区東桜1-3-22 ヴィアーレ・アルベルゴ10F




Intertiara info.2022.06.21

Let's learn Nigiri-Sushi from a Japanese mother! We will teach cooking to foreigners living in Japan or foreigners visiting Japan (Japanese can also participate).

We will teach cooking to foreigners living in Japan or foreigners visiting Japan (Japanese can also participate). https://youtu.be/3ZEqxeTB61w 8:30- Visiting Yanagibashi Central Market, a fresh food market near Nagoya station, to buy ingredients 10:00- Sushi making lesson at our cooking school *We will teach you the way anyone can make sushi easily. 11:30- Party-style lunch with all participants (scheduled to end at 12:30) (In addition to sushi, typical Japanese home-made dishes and desserts will be included) *Your own drinks can be brought in. *Sake, homemade Umeshu, plum wine, can be provided upon your request. - Can be held any time (Except for Wednesdays, Sundays and holidays as the market is closed) - Fee: 15,000 yen per person, minimum of 2 people *The fee includes lesson fee, ingredients, recipe and transportation from the market) - Time: Class is 4.5 hours - You can purchase Japanese seasonings or cooking tools if you like. - This classis also suitable for restaurant owners and those who want to teach cooking at home. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)